May 1, 2016

Easy Meal Planning Ideas

Easy Meal Planning Ideas


Weekends are my meal planning time for the upcoming week. I have realized it takes SO much stress off of my plate to prepare a menu and have all ingredients ready for the week.

What about you? Do you meal plan? And what I’m really wishing we could do is all get around a big ol’ dining room table and visit over a glass (or two) of wine…….so I could be totally nosy and ask you…….

ūüćĒūüĆģūüćēūüć§ūüćĚWHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE QUICK AND EASY (and kinda healthy?!) RECIPES???

I’ll go first…..we LOVE “bowls” or “stacks”. So I’ll prepare a meat (usually chicken or beef with a Mexican seasoning) and have all the add-ons…..avocado, cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, or this recipe that I’ll be trying this week……


More Tips:

  1. ¬†Search Pinterest for “Quick Meal Ideas” or “Easy Healthy Meals” or any combo you can think of. ¬†Try several search combinations.
  2. Plan your calendar first….if you have a night of busy stuff, make that a crock or Instant Pot night.
  3. Be flexible. ¬†If you put steaks on to marinate and your hubby runs late and can’t ‘man the grill’…..let it marinate another night….because in the end you will NOT regret it…….



4. ¬†Make it a special ritual. ¬†Put on music, sip a glass of wine, and I TRY to remember…..I’m nourishing my family in their bellies but also in their souls…..I pray “Lord, show me how to nourish my family’s soul. ¬†Let this food carry upon it the sweetness of your presence and create a place where we understand that you see meals as a place where you have set a banquet for us before our enemies. ¬†Relationship and covenant are made in the meals we create.



April 27, 2016

Introduction to Operating From a Place of Rest

Maybe you know me or follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you’re laughing hysterically?! ¬†LOL!!!!!! ¬†My life is NOTHING if not full of shenanigans, crazy, energy, and boys! ¬†Lots of BOYS (and all that entails)! ¬†But what I have found, in the midst of The Crazy, is that there is a place of PEACE and REST for our minds, hearts, and bodies that we can lay hold of.


This idea and understanding has been percolating in my heart, mind, and spirit for awhile now and I’m SO EXCITED to dig into it and pass on what I’ve learned. ¬†It has been truly revolutionizing.

Intro to Operating from a Place of Rest



What does this word mean to you? ¬†Initial thoughts? ¬†Here’s a smattering of what I’ve heard……..

  1. Quietness of the heart and stillness of the mind (these hit the Soul realm! SO good!)
  2. Naps!  Lots of The Nap! (talking Body realm)
  3. Tranquility
  4. Peace
  5. Completion (as in once a job is completed, one can rest)
  6. A myth
  7. Impossible without medication
  8. Restoration/renewal
  9. When? ūüôā (one of my favorites because that describes exactly where I was when this revelation hit me)




SO, as we enter into this series…..there’s some presuppositions I’d like to get out of the way… those I’s and cross those T’s kinda stuff…..

1. ¬†I’m not an expert YET ūüôā but merely someone who has been taken with some ideas and sharing how they have impacted my life.

2. ¬†My personal life foundation is upon God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Bible. ¬†I understand that is not everyone’s and I will attempt to make my information as relevant as possible without compromising my personal convictions, of course.

3. “Rest” as referred to in this series is more than just SLEEP. ¬†It’s a place, a gift really, that God has given whereby we can be in full peace no matter the circumstance. ¬†And, for me, several mentors and teachers have simply given me permission to enter into it. ¬†That’s all.

4. ¬†In one word: MULTIMEDIA! ¬†We will try to hit several modalities of learning……so there will be writing, videos, and graphics… diverse as I can get on social media! ¬†WOO HOO!



5.  ALL of my research and understanding is based on the foundational understanding that we are created BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT.

BODY- your physical body

SOUL- mind, will, and emotions (OH WE GET SO TIRED HERE!)

SPIRIT-¬†the immaterial part of who you are that connects with The Creator. ¬†The “house”, if you will, of God within each of us.


I will quote and reference my mentors several times, have some AMAZING product recommendations,  and I will give you resources that have changed my life.  ALL FOR FREE!  YAY!


BUT BE VERY CLEAR! ¬†This information could change YOUR life, too! ¬†It is free here but it’s definitely of the UTMOST VALUE. ¬†As we enter into this place of pure revelation and joy, hopefully you will open, discover, and treasure the same secrets that I have.


MY ONLY REQUEST????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……….will you PLEASE share with me (via Facebook, Instagram, or comments section below) any testimonies of breakthrough that you receive???????

OH and ONE MORE THING…….share share share this if it impacts you ūüôā



The Sassy Gal

April 25, 2016

Best Workout Bra EVAH

Why do I LOVE this workout bra so much????

Two words:  Easy Convertible.

Because it makes me feel free like I’m cruising in a convertible??

Well, kinda! The “bounce factor”…..NONE. Support Level should be “Off the Chain”. ¬†So yes, not giving myself black eyes at 5:15am is like a ride in a convertible : ENJOYABLE! ūüôā

Actually, by “convertible”, I mean that in the back it has a little hook on one strap and a ring on the other and it SO EASILY converts to a T-back/racer back (which is the style of workout shirt that I prefer).



Oh my word. It’s heaven at 5am when you’re mostly just worried that you don’t put your workout britches on wrong-side out.


With one quick snap….YOU AND YOUR (Nursed 3 Big Baby Boy Boobs) are OFF TO THE RACES!!!!!!


HAVE A LOVELY DAY! (And it sure would bless me if you decide to purchase this beauty, you would use my affiliate link above. Please and thank you, Sassy People!)


April 21, 2016

My Secret to Clear Skin

Big Daddy and I¬†are¬†IN LOVE with this product line. ¬†Living life #uncorked. ¬†I can’t EVEN.

The passion and research that has gone into this product is some of the BEST I’ve ever seen. ¬†The fact that I can mix essential oils and Ningxia Red into it for a boost of antioxidants….FANTASTIC.

How I feel? ¬†How I look? (see video below to see how my cystic acne situation is now) ¬†How SAFE and CLEAN the ingredients are? ¬†Only 2g of carbs? ¬†The Uncorked Family and the resources they provide? ¬†OH MY. ¬†JUST OH MY GOODNESS……..

Don’t just trust my testimony….depression, energy, health, mental clarity, weight loss…all things that I have heard others speak about, too. ¬†Click here….

I am sure I could already do another updated video so if you have questions…..feel free to hit me up or check out the website below the video.

Sassy Gal #uncorked?

BLESS IT. ūüôā

April 11, 2016

Frugal Tips for More Money To Spend on Mascara :)


I got my small foaming container on Amazon here


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE streeeeeeeetching my money and making my own foaming handsoap with safe and effective ingredients!!

Want some Thieves Cleaner or Orange Blossom Facial Wash? ¬†Go here , click on “Retail Customer”¬†and enter Sassy Gal’s ¬†Member # 1539696 OR message me for details on ordering wholesale (WAY better deal!)


Happy Money Saving!!!

April 7, 2016

Going INTERNATIONAL! A Blog and Some Products I LOVE!

HOW DO!?! ¬†ūüôā

Love Katie at…..

And I think you will, too!

February 4, 2015

January Favorites on Deck!

Please forgive the lipstick smudge on the side of the face….was laying down with the little one and he smudged it and I just got focused and started production!¬† LOL!


Shop retail here or begin by ordering your Premium Starter kit here to become a Wholesale Member

January 24, 2015

Nutola, Muffits, and Makeup

Hi everyone!!!!!¬†¬† I just realized that writing is just something I can’t find time to do now….so I’m gonna just pour it all out on videos!!¬† This should prove to be VEDDDY IN-TER-ESTING!¬† ūüėČ

(hover over this image to Pin to Pinterest)

And for the record, I will be wearing my hair wavy like this from now on….it looks so much better than my last video.¬† ACK.


If you have some interest in the Young Living oils mentioned….message me for wholesale information or you can shop here….Young Living Oils


Ok, here’s the link to the “Muffits” recipe…..they are just simply SOOOO good!!!!!!

Paleo 5 Minute Muffins

1.  I used 3 bananas
2.  I used 2 Tbsp of local honey and it was perfect
3.  I added chocolate chips for the kids
4.  Nutola topping for me


Nutola– OH MERCY.¬† THIS gives me 100% satisfaction in my nibbly habits…..


2.¬† I didn’t have dates so I¬†substituted dried cranberries and boiled them until all of the water was gone (not 20 mins)

3.¬† I used almonds, pecans, and walnuts.¬† It’s all I had. But I still got close to the same amount of nut content as the recipe calls for.

4.¬† I didn’t add coconut because I am not a fan of how it sticks in my teeth and won’t go away.¬† Texture issues.

5.  ALSO,  I addes 2-3 Tbsps of agave nectar to the hot mixture to sweeten.


Otherwise, this recipe is JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!

You might call me a granola….but I’m really a NUTOLA!!! LOL!!!!!



January 14, 2015

Acne Who????

In the case of those pesky breakouts, you better believe I have a plan!!  I am not a doctor, a dermatologist, or any sort of skin expert.

I’m just a girl who has found some solutions that work for her and you know¬†I love to share.


Depending on the severity, I will pull out several weapons from the arsenal.

Let’s start from the top and I’ll share them all.


Tell those Bad Boys they ain’t got a chance against you!!!


1.  Hot water

Ok, it’s most important that you be super careful with this step.

I get my tap water as hot as it will get, put an edge of my baby washcloth (very gentle), squeeze excess water (BE CAREFUL TO NOT BURN YOUR DIGITS!), and apply the heated washcloth and hold as long as you can stand.

Do I know why this works?

It just does.

If I have what I call an “undergrounder”…..I always feel like it’s killing that little guy that’s trying to build a house under my skin.


This step is usually reserved for the most stubborn “undergrounders” but you can do as you feel led.


2.  Apple Cider Vinegar/Bentonite Clay paste

I take a baby food spoon (see it up there in the picture?) and put a few drops of ACV, add in a tiny bit of clay, and mix until it’s a paste.

Apply to pimple.

Let sit for at least 20 minutes.

Some recommend you sleep with it on your zit.


3.  Young Living Essential Oils (email and ask me how to get wholesale or order here).

If it’s a real beast, I’ll use Copaiba and Lavender that I keep pre-mixed in the bathroom¬†with a roller top.

If it’s just an everyday Average Joe, I use Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) oil.

Either way, I LOVE my Young Living oils for breakouts.



And because I’m a geek….here are what I’ve researched according to the causes of acne.

I’m not going to go into detail because it’s just not my forte’ nor am I prepared for the responsibility of doing medical research for others….but here’s¬†a jumping off place because acne signifies a deeper issue besides oily skin or eating chocolate.¬† It’s also a multi-fronted war.¬† It’s sometimes more than one thing.


1.¬† Gut/Digestive health- all inflammation begins in the gut.¬† I’m convinced of that.¬† My skin clears up when I eat clean.¬† It’s a mess when I don’t.

Probiotics and a detox cleanse are first steps in this part of the battle.  I have used all Young Living products with AMAZING results.)


2.  Hormone Levels

I realized that my hormones were out of balance…..which lead to researching my thyroid….and now it seems things are straightening out!¬† For me, I trust my ability to research enough to try some unconventional things….but if you need help in this area, check out¬†a local homeopathic doctor or one who is sympathetic to a more holistic approach.¬† Many, many times thyroid blood tests come back showing no problems while the person is showing all signs and symptoms of some sort of thyroid dysfunction!

I HIGHLY recommend any book by Dr. Steven Hotze.  Google or Amazon will have these books!

Great information for thyroid and allergy (also originates in the gut!!!)  sufferers.


3.  Makeup tool check

Do your makeup brushes and sponges need a good cleaning???

I use Thieves cleaner or hand soap to clean mine!


4.  Clean your phone, pillowcases, and any other things that come in contact with your face.

5. BE SURE to moisturize.  I make and  use this and LOVE it!!!!!


Have a lovely, happy day!!!!


January 7, 2015

Foundation Talk….and More

SO….here’s my thoughts on a new foundation! Hope you can take it ūüôā